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The Market of Liraglutide in China
Article From :Jinan health and medical technology co., LTD Add time:2016/06/17 PV :

According to the Market Investigation of Liraglutide in China and Its Investment& Strategy Research Report 2016  published by LIMU information consultant: Liraglutide, the world's first and currently the only one glucagon-likepeptide-1 (GLP-1), is used for treatment of adult type 2 diabetes. It differs from oral hypoglycemic drugs and insulin which can adjust insulin secretion “as requested” according to Glucose level in the body, at the same time, it can simulate human internal secretion and protect isletβcell function. Moreover, it only needs to be administered once a day at any time without regard of meal time. Liraglutide was developed by Novo Nordisk, first launched in EU in 2009, October 2011 in China, and patent is due to 2017.
Liraglutide has been approved and launched in Japan, Norseland, Mexico, Iceland, Switzerland, Canada, Russia and other dozens of countries. The launch of Liraglutide pressures the popularity of exenatide for Liraglutide delivers good results with lower administration frequency. Compared with exenatide, its homology with people GLP-1 is 97%, in addition less antibody was produced, which is better than 53% of exenatide. Moreover, injection once a day significantly reduces the pain of patients. The sale of liraglutide reached Us $2.393 billion with year-on-year growth of 15.47% in 2014.
Domestic GLP-1 receptor stimulant is now in its introduction period, the income of sample hospital generated by ligralutide in 2014 is ¥19.71 million, and this number is estimated to be increased with the efforts of companies to expand channels in China. However, injection way of drug-delivery may slow the pace to some extent.

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