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We specialize in analytical development and optimization of peptides and conjugates. we are experienced in custom synthesis from the first R&D milligrams, up to the GMP bulk supply for commercialization. For your new drug development from start to finish, we will make significant technological and cost advances to support your project and research.

We are ready to support your project by preparing:
- analytical methods validation
- quality and stability studies
- Common Technical Document (CTD) and other regulatory documents required by the FDA or EMEA.


KangHe is focused on providing customers with GMP-grade custom peptides. We also provide GLP-grade peptides for pre-clinical applications. We have the facilities, experience, research team and track record to support your ANDA project throughout your peptide drug development process.
We will set up specialized team includes synthesis chemist, QA, QC and manufacturing staff etc. to serves your project only. So we can make sure your project step up steadily.

Quality Control Laboratory

- Karl-Fischer
- GC
- UV/Vis
- pH meter
- Peptide sequencer
- Melting point apparatus
- Endotoxin and bioburden
- Stability Chambers

Please contact us for your free quotation:

Email add: peptide-sales@jnkanghe.com  
Tel: 0086-0531-55696066
Fax No.:0086-0531-55696031


a) Products protected by valid patents are not offered for sale in countries where the sale of such products constitutes a patent infringement and its liability is at buyer’s risk. 
b) Products currently covered by valid U.S patents are offered for R & D use in accordance with 35 USC 271( e) + A13( 1) 
c) Product list is covered under “ Bolar Provision” and only non-commercial samples for R & D are available.

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