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Generic Pepticle APls

【Product Name】Terlipressin acetate


【CAS No】14636-12-5

【Pharmacopoeia】Company Standard


【Factory Location】Shangdong

【Product Description】

Mainly used to control bleeding of esophageal varices. Terlipressin pharmacological effects: the drug is a prohormone, no activity, slowly converted into lysine vasopressin vasopressto physiological activity in the body. After the drug is injected into the blood, the three glycyl be cut and enzymes in the body at a steady rate slowly release lysine vasopressin. An appropriate amount of the drug can reduce portal blood pressure, but it does not like, like vasopressin, to produce significant change in arterial blood pressure, it will not increase the dissolution of fibrin.

【Main Sales Markets】North America, Western Europe, Asia, the Middle East

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